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Bounce Programs

Breaking the Barriers to Health Innovation.

Job Shadowing

Job showing is an experiential learning opportunity that functions in two ways. 1. Students and early-career individuals will be able to explore opportunities for innovation by shadowing clinical staff. 2. Health care professionals with medtech ideas will be given the opportunity to shadow at local, successful biotech companies.

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Internship Program

Job shadowing will be offered to Memorial students through Entrepreneurial Work Terms are 4-month stipended positions that enable undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their health-related entrepreneurial idea. Ideas can be technical or non-technical and involve a for-profit or not-for-profit business model.

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Embryo Grants

Embryo Grant, is a series of mid-sized grants ranging from 5k-15k, in support of early-stage entrepreneurs and companies with the potential to translate into a sustainable enterprise. The fundamental objective is to increase innovation and entrepreneurial activity pertaining to health-related topics in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Health Innovation Certificate

Bounce provides workshops that build the capacity of the local medtech ecosystem. Attend 6 of our workshops and receive the Bounce Health Innovation Certificate in Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Topics include:

  • Introduction to the medtech sector in NL
  • Intellectual property 101: protecting your ideas
  • Basics of brainstorming (including Human-Centered Design)
  • Sources of capital, and where to find it
  • Introduction to regulatory compliance