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Our Partner Companies

Meet our Partners

An introduction to some of Bounce Health Innovation’s partner companies.


Consensu is a digital platform that generates consent materials using imagery, videos, and interactive content to create meaningful communication with patients and research participants.

DanDev Medical Devices

Certified diver and emergency response professional Jason Bungay has created a medical device that gives choking victims a second chance. Described as the automated external defibrillator (AED) for people who are choking, this battery-operated vacuum has the capacity to save lives.

Unbound Chemicals

We began in August 2018 from a Hacking Health event in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The problem was straightforward: there are too many drugs being discarded and nearly all of them make their way to our water system. We needed a solution. Our research discovered a process that could unlock the valuable ingredients from pharmaceutical waste

OTW Healthcare

OTW Healthcare’s vision is to orchestrate tasks that are major road blocks in Healthcare.

Swiftsure Innovations

Swiftsure Innovations is a medical device company focused on preventing hospital-acquired infections in acute and critical care settings. Swiftsure is currently patent pending on a novel endotracheal tube that aims to enable safe, efficient, and effective cleansing of the nasal and oral cavities of patients on life support. This device aims to eliminate aerosols and splash of bodily fluids for the protection of frontline workers.